Plain Labels In Over 2,000 Shapes And Sizes

We can use virtually any material or substrate to create plain self-adhesive labels for the leading label printer hardware; including Datamax, Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Intermec, and TSC, amongst others.

With a library of over 2,000 different cut shapes and sizes, we can create labels with the appropriate shape, size and material for your plain label application, including mobile label printers.

Our team have over a decade of experience guiding companies through custom self-adhesive label production; offering specialist support when selecting the most suitable materials and adhesives for your budget and use-case.

Roll of Plain Labels - All sizes and shapes as we manufacture them

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Plain white labels in selection of sizes and shapes to suit
Colour washed labels in range of sizes, shapes and colours

Fancy a bit of colour in your life? Let’s colour wash

Whether you are currently using a paper or synthetic material, all can be colour washed to transform them into colourful, easily recognised markers.

Colour washed labels are most commonly used in the warehouse and distribution industries.
For example; it would easy to identify a product manufactured in “Week 27″ because it has had blue label applied to it, whilst “Week 29″ has a green label.

Our options are endless, with a current cutter library of over 2000 different shapes and sizes and we have the ability to match to any colour you choose – just ask us!

Colour washed labels are typically handwritten or overprinted with variable data using a thermal transfer or direct thermal label printer.

First Choice Labels Manufacture Self-Adhesive Labels In All Colours

As we’re the manufacturer of the labels, we can produce them in a size, colour and material to suit your requirements – all ready for use in your own label printer.

Our team have over 150 years of experience in the industry between them – with most having worked for First Choice Labels for over 10 years – so we’re best placed to be able to advice you and consult with you throughout the ordering and design process.

We understand your self-adhesive labels use-case; from long-lasting product labels or easy-peel stickers, to labels in high- or low-temperature environments. First Choice Labels offers a wide variety of label adhesives.

Labels should be durable, resisting even the harshest environments and longest shelf-lives. First Choice Labels use only the highest quality label materials from trusted suppliers; from substrates, to adhesives and inks.

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Our Labels Are Used In…

  • Confectionary
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Distribution
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Councils & Local Authorities
  • NHS
  • Fabrication
  • Retail