Printed Label Manufacturers and Printers

Printed Labels

Printed labels are all custom printed to customers specifications and are all printed in-house in our own print factory.

Our labels are designed to leave a long-lasting impressions and help to entice customers to purchase a product above others; and our labels help reinforce any high quality brand by the fact they are clearly premium.

Plain Label Manufacturer and Colourwashed Labels Producer

Plain Labels

We can supply plain self-adhesive labels in over 2000 different shapes and sizes and that are made from virtually any substrate, making us confident we can supply a size, shape and material to suit your application.

The plain labels can then be printed on using your own label printing equipment, or can be used un-printed.

QL Labels - Reduced Foods Labels for Portable Mobile Printers

QL Labels

Smart new, portable, label printers are becoming increasing popular in areas where items need re-pricing, re-dating or re-stocking.

QL labels are for use in portable label printers and are vastly used in supermarkets to price produce that's reached it's best before date so it can be sold at a reduced price. The customer gets a bargain, the retailer saves on their waste - win, win! 

VOID and Destructible Stickers and Labels for Warranty and Authenticity

Destructible / Void Labels

Sometimes, companies want to know if a product has been used, copied, worn or opened. Sometimes customers want to know that a product is genuine, new and un-used.

Tamper proof labels that leave the word VOID or OPENED on a surface by “ripping” it from the label can show if a product has been used, whilst holographic labels incorporating the brand’s logo or being uniquely numbered can prove authenticity.

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