How To Achieve Quick Label Order Turnaround, Without Compromising On Label Quality Or Price.

Self-adhesive label printing often requires quick order turnaround, high quality and reasonable pricing. In an industry that is quickly becoming more and more competitive, how is it possible to satisfy all three customer requirements?

Many companies charge a premium for turnaround within 10 days, but at First Choice Labels, we have a 10-day-or-less turnaround guarantee that does not compromise our reputable quality or raise the price. How?

Firstly, an experienced and enthusiastic workforce are fundamental to retaining the quality of the label printing and label conversion. At First Choice Labels, the average employee has a decade of experience working with the team. This inevitably means exceptional quality control from the start of any label print job; spotting quality errors early helps First Choice Labels adhere to quick label turnaround deadlines.

Secondly, following the recent expansion of First Choice Label’s label printing lab – from 14,000- to 24,000 sqm – First Choice Labels have invested in a new PLR350 Inspection Slitter Rewinder from Daco Solutioins Ltd. This piece of self-adhesive label machinery decreases the down-time between cut jobs – particularly for smaller labels – while operators cut and re-apply the web to the cores.

The new PLR350 Inspection Slitter Rewinder is an industrial label slitting tool, splitting large rolls of plain or pre-printed labels into smaller and more manageable cores . These smaller cores can be configured to match the specification of the client-side printing hardware; from mobile printing QL machines, Datamax, Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Intermec, and TSC, amongst others. The PLR30 significantly decreases production time for price gun labels, retail promotional labels and weigh scale labels.

Mark Laurence, Sales Manager Daco Solutions, comments that it’s great to work with a forward thinking company that invests in equipment regularly to keep at the forefront of technology. The investment in the PLR350 with inspection, the addition of the inspection area was a first for Daco on this particular model and was requested by First Choice Labels as a solution to issues they had identified as a bottleneck in their production.

First Choice Labels have built their 17 year old business with a philosophy of family values; a vision spanning generations. The new PLR350 Inpsection Slitter Rewinder is the latest indicator that First Choice Labels are investing in the future of their business; and investing in absolute customer satisfaction – a value pivotal to their continued success across all customer industries.

Applying the new rewinder to the self-adhesive label production line gives First Choice Labels a competitive advantage for quick turnaround, even with high-volume orders.